Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (FECC) is a non-profit association of business executives, entrepreneurs and even large corporations interested in trade and investments between the two countries. FECC and its members act in order to create and maintain positive entrepreneurial and business environments.

Chamber continues the work of ESLY (Estonian-Finnish Businessmen Association), which was officially set up and registered in 1996 but which began to formulate already soon after the re-independence of Estonia among Finnish expatriated businessmen in 1992.

FECC is the biggest among the international chambers of commerce in Estonia.  Our chamber organizes topical events in the fields of economy, labor force, taxation, and legislation. We also organize a variety of recreational activities in the fields of culture and sports. We are in close cooperation with other international chambers of commerce in Estonia, the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Finnish Embassy as well as with Enterprise Estonia (EAS). We are also involved in the Team Finland network  and in Foreign Investors Council in Estonia.

Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is also known as Soome-Eesti Kaubanduskoda in Estonian and as Suomalais-virolainen kauppakamari in Finnish.


  • Mika Sucksdorff (Uus Maa Kinnisvara OÜ) – Chairman of the Board
  • Heikki Mäki (Finesta Baltic OÜ) – Vice-Chairman, rep. in FICE
  • Aki Kupiainen (Tieto Estonia AS)
  • Urmas Kiik (Law Firm Hedman Partners & Co OÜ)
  • Hedy Kohv (Kalevi Veekeskus OÜ)
  • Sari Sopanen (Sokotel AS; Original Sokos Viru Hotel)
  • Toomas Tava (Aalto Eesti OÜ)
  • Martin Ilumets (Ilumets & Partners OÜ)
  • Simo S. Heinmaa (Profia Arvestuse OÜ)
  • Sami Seppänen (Elisa Eesti AS)
  • Johanna Vironmäki (Tuokko OÜ)
  • Frans-Anton Flander (as nominated specialist representing The Embassy of Finland)
  • Pilvi Hämäläinen (as nominated specialist representing Enterprice Estonia)


Ave-Mai Aedna, mobile +372 56 255 668,